Microsoft Lumia 950 XL vs iOS vs Android: App War

One of the main reason people usually give when they explain why they are not interested in the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is that the Windows Store is lacking in apps but is that really the case here.

It seems like the lack of apps is often been highlighted as one of the biggest issues Microsoft and their Windows 10 powered devices seems to have but then people that are actually using the phone will comment that they don’t actually feel that the Window Store is lacking in apps. So who is right here?

While it is true that the Windows Store itself contains fewer apps compared to Android or iOS, we all know that not all apps on Android and iOS are actually useful.

According to Microsoft Lumia 950XL users, they don’t find themselves wishing that they had a certain app on their Windows 10 powered phone. However, they were a few that wished they had the Snapchat app on their Windows 10 OS powered smartphone.

It is also clear that app developers usually gives more priority to Android and iOS smartphones. The new Pokemon Go app is a good example. While Android and iOS users get to join in on all the fun and action, Windows 10 fans are left wondering if they will ever be getting the app.

Some might argue that Windows 10 smartphone users are not interested in apps like Snapchat or Pokemon Go but if they want to compete with Android and iOS, they will have to attract the younger smartphone users and missing apps like this is not going to help.

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