2017 BMW Diesel May To A Little Too Late

After the whole Volkswagen diesel scandal, people have been more cautious when it comes to diesel-powered model and agencies like the Environment Protection Agency are making sure that diesel cars are tested for rigorously.

That was one of the reasons why we have not seen any diesel powered model from BMW yet but EPA has now approved the sale for the 2017 diesel powered model which means production should be starting really soon.

While it is nice to know that BMW’s diesel-powered model passed all the test, some consumers are saying that it might all be too late now. Diesel was never really big here in the US but Volkswagen was changing that with their TDI model. However, the whole diesel scandal means that the people here in the US will be more cautious when it comes to purchasing diesel powered model.

We will have to see how it all affects the future of diesel-powered model here in the US.

Steven Estevez

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