No Man’s Sky: A Motion Sickness Mess

We have been hearing about No Man’s Sky for some time now and while we understand the idea of the game, we still do not know how the gameplay will be like and the new trailers did not help either.

Well, the game was leaked not too long ago and we all got to see the stream not too long ago. So what will the gameplay be like?

Well apparently, it is not as dangerous as the developers want us to believe. In the stream, the player only came across a few live forms and none of them actually attacked the player. Maybe he got lucky and just happen to meet some of the friendliest aliens in the universe but the trailer did make it look like we will be fearing for our life most of the time.

It also felt like we will be spending most of our time running through space and mining like there is not tomorrow. The transition from one planet to the other was also not as amazing as we think. We though that we will be going from planet to space and then smoothly landing on another planet but what it actually is just a loading screen, You will be in the cockpit of the ship and all you see are stars zooming past your windows. The next thing you know, you are heading for the surface of the planet.

The game will be officially arriving this month. Protection Status