Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: All Things Must Come To An End

We were all hoping that the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL would be the one for Microsoft. Although it was a great device, it certainly did not do as good as they thought it would and now, it looks like Microsoft is ready to put the device behind them.

We know that the Microsoft store in the UK had no more Lumia 950 to offer a few weeks ago and now, the same is happening to the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL device as well.

If you go to the store, the Lumia 950 XL status will say that it is out of stock. Some people believe that it is just a temporary situation and that Microsoft will stock them up soon enough but we know that the Lumia 950 has been that way for months without any restock so we are going to guess that the same will happen to the Lumia 950 XL as well.

New reports are saying that Microsoft is currently working on a new device which many believe is the Surface Phone but it is best to take it with a grain of salt for now.

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