Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered: DLCs & Graphics Put To Light

Bioware caught the attention of every Mass Effect fan on Facebook yesterday when they suddenly posted a question on what should be available in Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered.

The question raised by Bioware caught everyone by surprise as most of them have forgotten about the possible Mass Effect Trilogy remake since they are anticipating Mass Effect 4.

Regardless, the fans were quick to respond and every one of them agreed that Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered should come with all the DLCs intact.

Furthermore, every Mass Effect title that is compiled in the Remastered version needs graphic balancing. A centralized graphic is needed for the game to ensure a great gaming experience.

Then again, Bioware cut the hype short by claiming that Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is still not confirmed for production so fans shouldn’t have any high hopes for it.

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