Sony Next Z-Phone: Is It the Z4 or the Z3?

Sony is poised to unveil their next major device on April 20 next week and many believed it to be the highly anticipated Xperia Z4. On the other hand, many signs and leaks are suggesting it to be the launching of the Z3 Neo.

This has put the Sony fans in a state of confusion as they don’t know for sure on what device to expect on April 20. Last year, Sony did share that they are sticking to 6-month release pattern for the Xperia Z-series and after witnessing explosive sales of the Z3 and Z3 Compact, Sony has decided to hold the Z4’s coming.

Well, we don’t think that it is going to be the Z3 Neo because the Z3 family is already done and dealt with by Sony. There is simply no further need for another Z3 variant since sales are already saturating for both the Z3 and Z3 Compact. Releasing the Z3 Neo is simply bad for business.

Of course, we are no experts on the business side of things and Sony might see something on the Z3 Neo that we are blinded too. If logic is apply, the obvious answer to the mysterious phone coming next week is the Xperia Z4.

If the Z4 does get unveiled next week, the smartphone won’t be making its debut at least until Q3 this year. Protection Status