5 Reasons Why OS X Is Better Than Windows 8

Microsoft is on a sharp inline in the tech world after releasing Windows 8 but the OS is still nowhere near as good as the latest Apple OS X. To prove this point, we have come up with 5 pointers on why the OS X is still better than Windows 8.

1. Hardware-Software Integration
Apple never relied on OEM products to power its Macs. The desktops and laptops from Apple are all designed and built by the company with hardwares that will only bring the best out of the OS X. The Windows 8, on the other hand, runs on OEM made machines thus this means poorer software-hardware integration.

2. Battery Life
Throughout history, the Apple OS has never failed to offer great battery life. The OS X is no different and this is proven when the latest MacBook Pro manage to outlast every other Windows-powered laptops.

3. UI
Sure, the Windows 8 does offer a fresh new look but after sticking to the same methodology for decades, the panel views on the OS can get really confusing. The OS X, on the other hand, offers subtle design updates that don’t affect the ease of use at all.

4. No Bloatwares
The best part about the Apple OS X is that the system has no bloatwares to offer. Since the Windows 8 is offered by OEM-made machines, it is full of bloatwares and unnecessary softwares offered by the developer.

5. Free Updates
Every new version of the Apple OS is launched for free to existing users. The update is free of charge and this is something Windows users have been missing out on. When a newer Windows version pops out, Windows 8 users will have to fork out a lot of cash for the update.

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5 Reasons Why OS X Is Better Than Windows 8

The latest Windows 8 signalled the end of Micosoft’s dominance in the laptop and desktop industry as Apple introduced the far more superior OS, the OS X.

The Windows 8 has been nothing but a suicide attempt from Microsoft as the OS faced countless criticism on adopting a new yet ridiculous interface. Today, we shall look at how the Mac OS X is the better platform.

1. Battery Life
Comparing the MacBook with a Windows 8-operated laptop, there is just no way for the latter to achieve 10hours and 13minutes of usage time recorded by the Apple MacBook Pro 13”.

2. Better Hardwares
Every Apple OS runs on a fixed hardware which is optimized to offer maximum powers. Apple is a quality freak which can only mean that the Macs will be built with all the best and premium hardwares than the Windows 8 machines.

3. Better Interface
The OS X adopts its traditional layout so it won’t be a problem for its users. It is hard to comprehend why Microsoft is forcing the tiles through the Windows 8 OS.

4. No bloatware
Another positive is the fact that Mac OS X is only sold directly from Apple. This means that there won’t be any third party manufacturer’s exclusive softwares installed in the system.

5. No Anti-virus
Over the years, only the Windows brand needs antivirus. The Mac OS X is naturally safe and secured.

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