Mass Effect For An inspiration For Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a gaming title that is pending for an announcement by Bethesda. However, that does not mean that the game is not in development. Being a sequel to one of the world’s leading gaming franchise, there is no way for Bethesda to not produce Fallout 4.

Then again, the bigger question remains to be answered. What could be taking the game developer so long to produce Fallout 4? Many fans felt that Bethesda is struggling to find the right formula for Fallout 4 because Fallout 3 and New Vegas were much too awesome to beat.

If that is really the case, then it is high time for Bethesda to start taking inspirations from their rivals. They don’t have to look further as there is already Bioware and the Mass Effect series. The upcoming Mass Effect 4 is very near its debut day and there are a lot of things Bethesda can learn from the title.

For starters, Mass Effect 4 has a decision making system that actually influences the overall outcome of the game. This is something that has been missing in the entire Fallout franchise. Every decision made in the post-apocalyptic world does not greatly influence the conclusion of the title. Also, Bethesda can implement a much more interactive world with world class cinematic in Fallout 4 through taking some notes from Mass Effect 4.

This is not considered stealing, copying or cheating. As mentioned before, it is only taking inspiration. After all, having a full blast Fallout 4 will only benefit the gamers worldwide. Perhaps, it is time for Bethesda to drop their egos and focus on pleasing the fans rather than eyeing for profits.


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