Marvel: Avengers Alliance End Only The Beginning

The first Marvel: Avengers Alliance game from Disney did great and because of that, Disney decided to give it a sequel but the sequel did not perform as well as Disney thought it would and this year, Disney announce that they will be killing off the game.

The fans were not surprised with that decision since we all knew that the game was not doing well. According to Disney, their decision to kill off the game was so that they can focus their time and resource on something better. While that might suggest that they are working on something new, some fans think that they might be working on a new Marvel game and that is the reason why they had to get rid of the old game.

This is not the first time Disney has decided to ax some of their big games. They also killed off the Disney Infiniti game and did not sit well with the fans.

Some people believe that Disney might be looking to step away from producing games and are going to focus only on licensing them in the future.

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