Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Users Can’t Escape After All

When Samsung reveal that they are going to release a software to kill off all the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 model out there, Verizon refuse to follow. Just when their users thought that they might have escaped the grasp of Samsung, Verizon cave and announce that they will be releasing the update after all.

According to Verizon, the reason why they did not want to release the software was not because they did not agree with Samsung but it was because they did not want their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be without a smartphone during the holiday season.

In their latest announcement, they announce that they will still release the update but the software will only be released after New Year on the 5th of January. That means the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 7 customers will have a few weeks to look for a new replacement phone.

Those using the unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be getting the software update on the 19th of December. Protection Status