LG G6 Leaves Too Little Space For Themselves

While the specification and the design of the phone are important, the release is important as well and if the rumors are true, we might be seeing the new LG G6 on the 6th of April.

According to Venture Beat’s Evan Blass, the LG G6 will be arriving in South Korea a month earlier than the rest of the world. He added that South Korea will be getting it on the 9th of March while the other fans will only be getting it in April.

As nice as it is to know the possible release date for the device. Some people are saying that LG has just dug themselves a hole to be buried in. It is said that with the speculated date being so close to the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG has just ruined their chance to gain an advantage over the S8.

With only a few weeks apart, a lot of people would be more than willing to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S8 to arrive. Do you think LG made the right move?

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