Resident Evil 7: What’s Up With Its Poor Sales?

The new Resident Evil 7 game was supposed to be the game to play this year if you are a horror game fan. After all the hype, we were all expecting the game to blow up the moment it arrives but its sales in Japan were not as impressive as we thought it would be.

According to Media Create, Capcom only sold 58.9% of the Resident Evil 7 for Playstation 4 in its first week. That means Capcom sold about 187,306 units of the new Resident Evil game. To put things into perspective, they sold about 635,000 units of the Resident Evil 6 game when it was first released.

Some people believe that the lack of PSVR stock in Japan might be the reason why the Resident Evil 7 sales in Japan were not as impressive as predicted and that the numbers will go up when the new PSVR units arrive in Japan.

Fans seem to be pretty happy with what the game has to offer right now. Protection Status