Samsung Galaxy S8 Has A Date Now

We know that Samsung will not be announcing their Samsung Galaxy S8 at the Mobile World Congress this year. After what happened last year, it made sense that they would take their own sweet time with the Samsung Galaxy S8 but at least we have a date to look forward to now.

Samsung has just announced that they will be announcing the Samsung Galaxy S8 on the 29th of March. The announcement was made with an image which shows the shape of the device and the display.

It has been reported that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 could be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB Ram. It will also be sporting a 5.8inch QHD OLED display and could be fitted with a 12MP dual camera in the back.

There were rumors saying that it might arrive in April this year. More details will be revealed at the end of next month. Protection Status