LG G Flex 3: Already Dead A Year Ago

Up until CES, some fans were still hoping that LG would bring out the new LG G Flex 3 but it looks like the device was already dead when LG brought out the LG G Flex 3 in 2015. Despite the success of the first LG G Flex model, LG failed to impress their fans with the second gen LG G Flex 2.

One of the biggest issues was the new screen size. Fans were not happy that LG decided to reduce the size of the device. At a time when a larger display is in demand, the smaller LG G Flex 2 failed to impress the consumers.

Later that year, LG stuck gold when they release the LG V10. The large size smartphone was an instant hit and some fans believe that it was then that LG decided to ditch the LG G Flex series and focus on the LG G Series and LG V-Series.

From LG point of view, they probably did the right thing since both those smartphone were getting more attention than the Flex smartphone but the fans were not too happy about it. Some are still hoping that LG would eventually bring the Flex series back but we think that chances of that happening are pretty slim right now.

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