Mercedes-Benz CLA, GLA Getting A Little Too Hot

It looks like some of the Mercedes-Benz models are getting a little too hot to handle as Mercedes is forced to issue a recall after they receive multiple reports of Mercedes-Benz model catching fire.

According to the reports, some Mercedes-Benz caught fire after the driver tried to start it multiple times. The current limiter in the starter motor will overheat and melt after too many attempts and this will lead to a fire. Mercedes added that the issue is only on vehicles that have their engine and transmission damage and already has a starting issue.

A total of 307,629 units of Mercedes-Benz will be recalled. Models that are affected by the recall will include the Mercedes-Benz CLA, C-, E-Class, GLA, and GLC-Class crossover.

The rep[lacement parts will only be arriving this July but owners will be notified this March. Mercedes also reveal that they have already received 51 reports of fires so far.

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