Shadow of War: Name Answers Fans Biggest Question

As fun as the Shadow of Mordor was, some fans felt like the game felt a little repetitive in the end and since the player can only run around in Mordor, everything started to blend together at the end.

Fans were hoping that if Warner Bros does decide to work on a sequel, it would be outside of Mordor and it looks like their dreams came true. The change of title itself would suggest that the sequel will be more than just exploring Mordor.

Warner Bros also release a new trailer for the game revealing that the game will be set in Middle Earth and not just Mordor.

The announcement was made soon after the game was leaked by Target. According to Warners Bros, we will be seeing the new game this year. At least we can finally stop speculating about whether there is going to be a sequel and focus on speculating what the game is about. Protection Status