Land Rover Defender SVX: A Rare Sight

It is not every day that you can actually see the Land Rover Defender SVX model. The model seen in the image above is called the Land Rover Defender SVX and it was created by Jaguar Land Rover’s in-house customs tuning shop.

Some said that it looked just like a jazz up snowmobile but that was probably not what Jaguar Land Rover had in mind when they created it. The Land Rover Defender SVX was made to become an extreme off-road vehicle and they definitely nailed it from the design to the features and the rim bolted tires.

Of course, there were only a limited amount of these made and those quickly sold out. Right now, these vehicles are either waiting to go for shows or they are sitting comfortably inside a collectors garage.

The one seen here is owned by collector and journalist Harry Metcalfe

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