Kia Niro Hybrid Makes Toyota Prius Very Nervous

The Toyota Prius has always been on top in the hybrid market but their competitors are slowly catching up. In fact, they will have one new rival to worry about soon.

Kia announces that they will be working on a new Kia Niro Hybrid Crossover model. Not only does the new Kia Niro Hybrid look great but it also comes with all the things you need.

The Kia Niro Hybrid will come with a hybrid engine that will be powered by a 1.56kWh battery. The engine will be mated to a six-speed dual clutch transmission and it will come with two modes, Eco and Sport.

The base model will be able to return about 51mpg which is close to what the Toyota Prius is offering right now. The Kia Niro also comes with an affordable $22,000 price tag.

With all the things that the Kia Niro Hybrid has to offer, would you still pick the Prius over it?

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