iPhone 6 Best Feature Is The Speakers

There is no doubt that the latest Apple iPhone 6 is one of the best smartphones in history. For the first time in forever, the iPhone finally breaks through the 5” screen size, which on the other hand, is a common offering for Android-powered devices.

Aside from that,, the Apple iPhone 6 comes with tons of new features to offer, an improved battery life and also various improvements to its security. To cap things off, the iPhone 6 is built with a brand new processor that makes it faster than before.

Then again, few might realize that the iPhone 6’s best feature is not with the display or processor. Instead, it is with the device’s speakers. This particular feature might be disputed for being poorly positioned but none can deny that they lack quality.

Unlike most other smartphones and previous iPhones, the iPhone 6 came out with speakers that are loud and clear. The sound produced is so neat that it makes it all the more easier for users to share videos with their iPhone 6 without requiring headsets or an external speaker.

We personally tested the built-in speakers yesterday and were amazed by the quality of it. In a small bedroom, the speakers were loud and clear regardless of which corner of the area we were standing. The speakers also performed well when at the beach or at the park.

With that being said, we believe that the speakers are the iPhone 6 best features. If compared to every other smartphones in history, the iPhone 6’s speakers are second to the HTC One M8.

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