Mizu App Kicked Out Of Play Store, Again

Mizuu has long been recognized as the ultimate media hub for smartphones and tablets. The application basically assists users in linking videos from a PC, online link or any other various platforms into a single platform for ease of access.

Then again, there is a big mystery going on involving the relationship between Mizuu and Google. For many times already, the app has been forced out of the Play Store. The removal of Mizuu happened again yesterday after Google claims that the application has breached the Developer Distribution Agreement and Content Policy.

On the downside of things, no specifics were mentioned to explain why Mizuu is illegal in Google’s eyes. Even so, many believed that it is down to the video listing and posters utilized by Mizuu without permission.

While it might sound likely, smartphone and tablet users are disheartened by the continuous removal of Mizuu. There are many clone apps and also those that contains illegal content in the Play Store which requires some action taken but instead, Google chose to pick on Mizuu.


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