Why You Should Skip Samsung Galaxy S5 For S6

About a year ago, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S5 and there it is considered as one of the best smartphones from last year due to it being packed with tons of features to offer. On the spec sheet however, the S5 is less than impressive as there is little differences between it and the older S4.

This is why we highly recommend shoppers to stay away from the Samsung Galaxy S5 and wait just a little more for the Samsung Galaxy S6. The latter is expected to arrive in a couple of months from now and it will be nothing like the previous Galaxy S smartphones.

If consumers have been following the news, leaks and rumours from Samsung, it is confirmed that the S5 bears the codename “Project Zero”. This basically suggests that Samsung is going to develop the S6 from scratch. In other words, the S6 will be coming with a new design language and of course, the latest hardwares around.

While details are still scarce at the moment, it is safe to assume that the S6 will be coming with a 5.2” screen that runs on QHD resolution. This will be powered by the all-new 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor that will surely make the S6 as the world’s fastest smartphone when released.

Also, rumours are rife in suggesting that the S6 will come with dual-sided curved display like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. If all of the above are true, then the S6 is the smartphone worth looking forward to.

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