HTC Vive 2: Current Owners Can Relax For Now

News about HTC working on a new HTC Vive 2 VR headset got some of the original owners worried. Some people believe that with the arrival of the new Vive 2 headset, HTC will push the original Vive aside and that they will be forgotten.

It was initially rumored that we will be seeing this new VR Headset at CES this year but HTC has now clarified that they will not be announcing a new Vive 2 headset at the event this year.

They added that they are working to build a strong and growing ecosystem for their current and future Vive owners right now which means that are only working on the software now.

The worst part about owning a new gadget is getting replace before things got exciting. Vive owners can relax now knowing that HTC will continue to support them in terms of software and that no new model is going to replace them anytime soon.

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