How Porsche 718 Kills The Turbo Lag Waste

The one thing that people seems to fear about Turbo engine is the turbo lag that usually comes with engines like this. However, Porsche seems to have found a solution for the turbo lag issue.

So how does Porsche does it? Well, the inlet wheels in the turbo engine open and shut mechanically and at low rpm, the inlet wheels are nearly close resulting in a narrower path. This will help accelerate slow-moving exhaust gas. The engine also comes with an antenna-like piece that will be fitted in between the inlet and compressor. It will adjust its vane position up to 10 times per second to make sure the turbo lag is at a minimal.

Even though diesel model uses the same tech, Porsche said that their 718 S and 911 Turbo as the only gasoline-powered models are the only ones that are using that tech right now.

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