GTA 5: Heist Done, Zombie Next?

Rockstar has finally launched the highly anticipated Heist DLC to GTA 5 and it has restored the popularity of the game. Now, GTA 5 players are beginning to think about the next major DLC coming to the game.

If the rumours are followed closely, it is said that GTA 5 will soon get a Casino DLC that will allow players to gamble with each other in Los Santos. On the other hand, a new discovery made by a hacker suggest that a zombie DLC is next to come to GTA 5.

The hacker was skimming through GTA 5’s source code and discovered a file named ‘main_ZMB’. The lad then claims that the file is a placeholder for a future DLC and ZMB is basically short for zombies.

If the hacker is right, then Rockstar is indeed producing a zombie-themed DLC for GTA 5. The idea of zombie taking over the city of Los Santos sounds really exciting since GTA 5 has yet to feature any apocalypse-themed DLC.


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