Google Enlists Netflix For Daydream VR

It is clear that Google wants their new Daydream VR platform to be more than just a gaming and 360 video feature. Google has now announced that users will now be able to watch Netflix using the Daydream View headset now.

Of course, you will need to be a Pixel phone users to be able to use the Daydream View Headset. They also made it clear that the app will only be compatible with the Daydream system which means other users like the Samsung Gear VR users will not be able to use the app right now.

The app called Netflix VR is available on the Playstore right now. What you will be seeing after getting into the app is a digital environment with a huge screen so that you can watch your movies or TV show is a different environment.

The Netflix VR won’t work seamlessly with the standard Netflix app which means you can’t watch your movie or tv show the standard way through the Netflix VR app.

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