Genesis G80: Not Just A Name Game

The upcoming new Genesis G80 is based on the Hyundai Genesis model and in general, the Genesis G80 will look almost identical to the standard Hyundai Genesis model but if you think that this is just a name game, you are wrong.

Besides getting a brand new premium badge, the Genesis will also be coming with a new list of standard features as well as a new price tag. Since it is a premium model now, it makes sense that Hyundai will be looking to stick on a larger price tag.

The Genesis G80 will be coming in with a new list of standard features including the auto emergancy braking, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping assist, high beam assist, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and more.

The base model will be powered by a 3.8 liter V6 engine that will retail for $41,400. While the Genesis G80 is slightly more expensive that the Hyundai Genesis now, it is still cheaper than its rivals like Audi and BMW.

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