Ford Mustang Detroit Reveal: Ford’s Explanation Not Enough

We were all looking forward to seeing the Ford Mustang at the Detroit Auto Show this year while Ford did unveil it, it was not during the official press days but on the show floor itself.

The fans felt like it was odd for Ford to do so in front of a random crowd instead of a media and of course, the dealers were not too happy about it either. Well, Ford has now released their explanation.

According to Ford, they wanted all their fans to see the vehicle at the same time as when it does on display in Detroit. As noble as that sound, most people are not buying it.

Many balieve that Ford did that so that they did not have to fight for the spotlight with the other automakers. It was an interesting decision by Ford but at the end of the day, all we cared about was the Ford Mustang and that is what mattered.

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