Faraday Future: Tesla Feeling More Relax Now

When Faraday Future was talking about the new EV models that they will be bringing into the market in the future, it did feel like Tesla was finally going to have a real competitor in the market but in the last few weeks, that has started to change.

Initially, they were reports saying that Faraday Future was having problems settling their debt and that they might not even be able to produce their new EV model and now, it has been reported that Ding Lei, the acting “Global” CEO of Faraday Future decides to leave them behind as well.

A lot of people believe that this suggests that things are not going well on the side of Faraday Future and even the CEO does not want to stay with the sinking ship. If things were to go according to plan, Faraday Future was supposed to show off their first production model at CES next year but right now, we really do not know if that is going to happen or not.

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