2018 Nissan Leaf: How About A Little Gas

Compared to the other EV models in the market, the Nissan Leaf is lacking behind in terms of range. Nissan made it clear that their main goal for the next upgrade will be to give it a bigger battery pack so that it can have more range but is it enough?

Some people are now saying that the Nissan Leaf would be better off if Nissan fitted it with the new e-Power engine that they’ve announced not too long ago. Unlike the Leaf engine which is a pure electric engine, the e-Power runs purely on electric but the powertrain will also come with a small gasoline engine.

The gasoline engine will be there to produce power for the battery. With this tech, users won’t need to charge it up at all. According to Nissan, the first model to come wth the Nissan e-Power will be the Nissan Note e-Power.

As for their plans with the Nissan Leaf, we will have to wait and see.

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