T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Time To Pull The Plug

Samsung has been urging their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users to return the smartphone to them for months now but despite all the incentives and efforts, there are still units that are out there. To make sure nobody is able to use the device anymore, Samsung has been releasing upgrades to shut down the battery of the device.

The latest to roll out the update is T-Mobile. After the update, the user will still be alerted to return the device and at the same time, the software will prevent the device from charging which means the phone will be dead once the last remaining charge is drained off.

Of course, we are sure that some people will find patches and fix for the update but why do that when you get to return it to Samsung and get a new S7 that does not have all the annoying messages and does not have the risk of exploding.

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