Fallout 5 Will Be All About The Character

One of the reasons why games like Fallout and Skyrim got so much attention was because of the amazing story that the developers have to tell. While it is clear that they perfected the story, the characters itself is not as complex and memorable.

Well, according to Todd Howard, he wants to focus on making the Characters in the game more interesting. They have been offering their fans some options with their moral decision but they picked it out from what Bethesda has provided. He wants the fans to be the one giving them the answer in the future.

We agree that that will make the game more interesting but it will not be easy to pull off.

Although Bethesda has not confirmed a Fallout 5 yet, some fans think that they were referring to the Elder Scroll and Fallout franchise when they were talking about projects that they are working on right now.

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