Fallout 5: Characters Given More Attention

Bethesda has always been good at telling stories and that is probably why some of the biggest franchises belong to them right now but For the next Fallout 5 game, it looks like they want to focus on making the characters more interesting first.

While Bethesda’s games like the Fallout series always had characters that you can interact with, at the end of the day, the why these characters interact are still limited. The moral decision provided throughout the game are not wide enough and fans have been asking for Bethesda to work on that.

Well, according to Todd Howard, that is what he wants to work on in the future. Of course, he did not confirm the Fallout 5 game. Some fans think that he might be talking about the Elder Scroll franchise but we would like to believe that it is the Fallout game until we hear some prove that it is not.

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