Fallout 4 VGX Announcement: Will It Happen?

We are a week away from the annual gaming event, VGX and the anticipation for it is overwhelming. This is due to the many Fallout fans that are keeping a close eye on VGX in hopes for Bethesda to announce on Fallout 4.

The highly anticipated sequel is something that the fans have been demanding for but Bethesda has yet to confirm its production. This resulted in many rumours surfacing, linking the game to get announced during VGX.

The evidence provided is through a Tweet from Geoff Keighley. The lad shared with the world that he was having dinner with Bethesda’s chiefs and claims that they were all planning something. Geoff is a famous figure, well-known for hosting various gaming events. Heck, the lad was also the announcer for many pre-released games in the past.

With Geoff citing the word “planning”, it somehow hints that the lad will be announcing Fallout 4 in VGX. As likely as that may sound, it is still best to take the rumour with a pinch of salt. After all, there is a big chance of disappointment, like before.

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