Kingdom Hearts 3 New Characters: Who Is Coming?

It is no secret that Square Enix is currently producing Kingdom Hearts 3. Despite that fact, fans have no clue on the new characters that will be featuring in the highly anticipated title.

Throughout the franchise, it is Disney that has been providing Square Enix with characters for the game. Fans are aware of it since they have all seen and played Donald Duck, Goofy and Mickey Mouse from the very first title.

Obviously, the trio from Disney’s original will return to aid Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3. What excites fans the most are the cameo appearance of characters from other Disney worlds. If the speculations are to be referred to, then the list is going to be a pretty long one.

The names mentioned includes Snow White with her seven dwarves, Hunch Back of Notre Dame alongside Peter Pan, Mulan, The Lion King and even Tarzan or Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

It gets more exciting when speculations hints on newly acquired Disney characters like the Hulk, X-Men, Spiderman and more from Marvel Heroes. Similarly, Star Wars characters too can be part of Kingdom Hearts 3 since Disney has already purchased the highly popular sci-fi franchise.

It might not be likely but there is a chance for all of the speculated characters above to be part of Kingdom Hearts 3. After all, the game is going to debut on the next-gen console, thus, confirming that it will have a vast storyline and a huge universe for players to participate in.

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