Forget Black Friday, This iPad Mini 2 Deal At Best Buy Is Crazy

It might be Black Friday season but the promotions for the old iPad Mini 2 has never been great. This is unless you head down to Best Buy, where the iPad 2 is going off for a steal.

The mega-retailer is selling away the iPad Mini 2 16GB space gray and silver models for just $224.99. This is $74 cheaper than buying it at Apple. The iPad Mini 2 at Best Buy is also cheaper than the first iPad Mini that comes with a price tag of $249.

This is surprising as selling the iPad Mini 2 at such an unbeatable price is still considered as a loss by Best Buy. After all, Apple has once revealed that it requires a fee of $200 to produce the iPad Mini, excluding the hardwares.

If this is true, then the iPad Mini 2 promo is nothing more than a loss leader. For those who are not sure what that means, it is when a retailer, like Best Buy, personally suffers a loss on a product but hoping for it to lead to earnings from other products.


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