Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Needs Reinforcement To Hold It Together

We know that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was going to be insane but what Dodge is suggesting now is ever more insane than we image.

Since the Hellcat already offers about 707hp, we know that the Demon was going to top that but in the latest Dodge Challenger SRT Demon video that Dodge showed that they will be upgrading the prop shaft, half shafts and differential housing so that the vehicle will be able to handle the torque output of the Demon.

The Hellcat has a torque of 650lb ft so how much will the Demon offer. They added that the new parts will be made from high-strength steel and heat-treated stub shafts.

The video also reveals the four-point harness mounting bar that Dodge will be offering as an optional feature. More will be revealed when the vehicle is announced at the New York Auto Show but for now, you can check out their videos to get a better idea of what is to come.

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