Diablo 3 Support On PS4 Pro Does More Than We Think

It was previously reported that the new Diablo 3 update will include the Playstation 4 Pro support but since the patch notes do not really explain what kind of support we will be getting, Digital Foundry took it upon themselves to explain it to us.

According to Digital Foundry, the resolution of Diablo 3 will be improved after the update. They added that the game might go all the way to 4K in a less busy environment while the busy environment will get a quality of 1080p.

These updates are nice especially for those that have not played the game yet but we are not sure it is going to be enough to bring the fans back into the game.

The game got a lot of attention recently when they release the special Diablo 1 update to celebrate their anniversary but the event will only last until January so you might want to get back in while you still can.

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