Diablo 2 HD: Clearing Rumor To Pave Road For Actual Remake?

A new Diablo 2 HD site has gone online. The site seems to tease that there might be a Diable 2 remake announcement at BlizzCon this year but doesn’t get your hopes up just yet.

Fans got all excited when the site when online. Many fans pointed out that it all matches. Rumors about a new Diablo project being developed started last year and now we have the website exactly one year later. However, Blizzard has now stepped forward to make it clear that the site is actually a fake.

We do not know what they are counting down to but it is definitely not an announcement from Blizzard regarding Diablo 2 HD.

However, other believe that Blizzard is trying to clear up all these messes so that there will be no confusion when they finally make an announcement at Blizzcon. We know that Blizzard was searching for an art director and a new game director for Diablo suggest that they are working on something but whether it is a Diablo 2 remake or not is a whole other story.

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