2018 Jeep Wrangler: You Will Need To Slam Harder Now

Jeep Wrangler owners already have to slam their door hard to make sure it close and it looks like they will have to slam it even harder now with the upgrades that Jeep plans to make.

New reports are suggesting tat Jeep will be using more aluminum to build their Jeep Wrangler. The hood will be getting an Alcoa 6022 sheet aluminum on the inside and on the outside. The front and rear door will also bet getting sheet aluminum on the inside and the outside.

This should help reduce the overall weight of the car but it will also make the Jeep Wrangler door much lighter. The lighter doors would mean that drivers and passenger will have to slam them harder now to over the cabin pressure.

Of course, you can always just leave the window open or the roof open to make it easier.

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