Microsoft Lumia 950: It Needed Something More

What Microsoft had to offer on the Microsoft Lumia 950 was great. It had a great hardware and features but people just does not seem to notice it. Maybe if Microsoft gave it a flashier looking design, things could have turn out better for the Windows 10 smartphone.

We understand why Microsoft choose to give the Lumia 950 a more subtle looking design. Since their main audience are business users, it made sense to give it a more toned down design but they could still have made it a little nicer.

The concept you see here was design by artist Lucas Silva. The concept, called the Microsoft Lumia 760 was given an organic design. It might not be the nicest looking design we have seen but it does stand out from the crowd and that is what Microsoft needs right now.

We are not sure if there is going to be more Lumia devices in the future but if Microsoft does work on one, maybe they should spend more time working on a better design.

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