Blackberry Privacy Will Keep Peeping Tom At Bay

There is nothing more annoying that having somebody looking over your shoulder when you are using your device in public. Luckily, Blackberry has a solution to that problem.

The new feature called the Privacy Shade. When the app is activated, the device will only expose the area that you are reading and the area where the message is being typed. The other parts of the screen will be shaded out so people can’t read it. They also made activating it very easy using the Convenience Key so that you can quickly hide your screen if you accidentally open it up.

The app is available on the PlayStore right now so if you own a Blackberry and would like to stop peeping toms from looking at your screen, you can go get it now. We do not know if Blackberry is going to make the app available on the other systems or not but we are hoping they would.

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