2018 Ford Expedition Upgrade Not As Sweet Now

Looking at how successful the Ford F-150 is right now, we knew that was only a matter of time before we see Ford offer the same kind of upgraded to the other Ford model. The next in line will be the Ford Expedition but if you think that this upgrade is sweet, think again.

Like the Ford F-150, the Ford Expedition will be getting an aluminum upgrade as well. That means the Expedition will now weigh less and should also be more powerful and fuel efficient since there is less weight dragging it down.

As nice as that sound, there are now speculations about the 2018 Ford Expedition possibly coming in with a much bigger price tag. We know that the upgrade would mean that Ford will have to upgrade the plant and that that is not going to be cheap.

Some people believe that because of that, the new Ford Expedition will cost a lot more than the current model. However, others think that Ford will still be able to keep the price since the Ford Expedition is already being sold for a very high price.

Would you still consider it if it does come with a bigger price tag?

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