Audi & NVIDIA Wants Driver To Fully Enjoy Their Virtual Cockpit

Audi and NVIDIA have been working together on the Audi Virtual Cockpit. The tech is all about giving their customers the best interior tech so that the passenger and driver and enjoy the ride but how much can you really enjoy when you need to focus on the road?

That is probably why Audi’s next move will be to tackle autonomous driving. Once again, Audi will be working with NVIDIA to come out with a new autonomous tech for the future Audi.

According to the reports, the new tech is called the NVIDIA DRIVE and that it will be a fully autonomous tech. Audi plans to have the tech ready by 2020. It is said that the DRIVE tech will use artificial intelligence so that the system is able to make decisions just like a human would.

The Audi Q7 test mule showed that it can find its own path and drive on different surfaces right now. it can also navigate through cones. With the autonomous tech in place, Audi customers will be able to make full use of all the features that the Virtual Cockpit has to offer.

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