Apple Watch 3 Would Take Better Selfies

The demand for smartwatches have been declining but it looks like that has not stop Apple from wanting to try again. It has been reported that Apple is working on a new Apple Watch 3 right now and that the watch will come in with new features that will make the other smartwatch looks like toys.

According to the latest report, the new Apple Watch 3 will come with the same sleek design but it is said that unlike the previous model, the new model will come with two storage option, a 4GB option and an 8GB option which does support the speculation that the new Watchsmart will be able to rely less on the smartphone now.

Once again, the rumors suggest that the watch will come with a camera. This was also one of the things that people believe that Apple Watch 2 will be coming with but we all know that that did not happen.

Hopefully, more details will surface as well get closer to the announcement.

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