Apple Pencil To Learn A Trick Or Two From Microsoft

When it comes to the stylus, the Apple Pencil is pretty new. While the Apple Pencil did have a few interesting things to offer, it was also clear that they were more than Apple could have done to make it better.

One of the biggest issue with the Apple Pencil was that there was no way for the users to attach it to the Apple iPad Pro which means they will have to bring it around as an extra accessory and a lot of users find that very annoying.

Well, new reports are now suggesting that Apple will be learning from Microsoft and will offer the Apple Pencil with a magnetic system. The system should allow the Apple Pencil to attach itself to the tablet when it is not in use.

There were also talk about the possibility that Apple might just stick on a pen clip so that users can clip it to their backpack when they are not using it. We prefer the magnetic solution but any of these would be an upgrade.

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