Apple MacBook Pro Should Have Waited

After all the hype, the Apple MacBook Pro felt like a huge disappointment. Their users started reporting about battery issues soon after it was release and more. Would the MacBook Pro perform better if Apple have wait a little longer?

Instead of waiting for Intel to have the Skylake ready for them, Apple decided to rush it and settle for the older Skylake processor and that was where it all started to fall apart for the Apple MacBook Pro.

Because of the outdated Skylake, Apple was forced to ditch their plans for a 32GB RAM and that has cost them a lot. The Apple MacBook Pro is in shambles now and Apple only has themselves to blame for its downfall.

There are now speculations suggesting that Apple might cut ties with Intel and start offering their MacBook with their own processor. We are not sure how that would turn out for Apple but at this point, anything will be better.

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