Apple iPhone 7: Jack It Up Without Drilling A Hole

People are slowly getting used to the idea of not having a headphone jack to use on the new Apple iPhone 7 but for those that are still wishing that there is a jack for their headphone, there might be a way around it and this method will not have you drilling a hole on your new Apple iPhone 7.

A new Kickstarter project called iLDOCK has promised to solve you headphone jack problem with a new dock. The dock will fit into your lightning port and will come with a Lightning Port as well as a headphone jack which means it will help split your single Lighting Port into two functional port.

The device is not available for sale now but you can back up the problem from Kickstarter and hope that they make it. You can check out the Kickstarter project here and decide if you would like to back it up or not.

Steven Estevez

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