2017 Ford Fiesta ST Puts Subaru WRX In The Ground

With what the Ford Fiesta ST has to offer right now it is still far from actually threatening the Subaru WRX but thanks to Mountune, the Ford Fiesta ST is slowly closing up on the WRX.

Those looking for a little more power on their Ford Fiesta ST can now choose to upgrade it with the turbo kit from Mountune. With the update, the Ford Fiesta ST will be able to push out an impressive 280hp.

Mountune will be fitted the Fiesta ST with a larger unit of turbochargers taken from the Garret GT2554R family. Although this is no Ford Fiesta RS, it is the closest we can ever get to an RS badge Fiesta model. There will only be a limited amount of kit available so you might want to call them up as soon as it is available.

The current Subaru WRX delivers about 268hp.

Steven Estevez

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