Apple iPads Are The New Pilots!

It seems that the mobile platforms have advanced further after Austin Meyer launched the all-new Xavion app for the Apple iPads. Xavion is basically a flight simulator app that is also capable of taking control of a small aircraft and lands it at the nearest airport without any human interaction.

In detail, the app is designed to be useful in times of emergency like when the pilot suddenly turns unfit for flying or whenever a technical breakdown occurs. When running Xavion in this situation, the iPad will get to tap on the aircraft’s WiFi connection before the app handles the rest.

Some might argue that having a remote application interfering with flying an aircraft should be illegal as it puts the lives of others at risk. Well, Xavion met FAA’s strict guidelines and has received the necessary certifications to legalize its practice.

Also, millions of dollars has been pumped into Xavion’s development and the system is said to be cheaper than the standard autopilot feature found in most light aircraft. For iPad users, they can purchase the app on a yearly subscription of $199.

Who knew that the time has come to fly airplanes with a tablet? This technological breakthrough is described by Meyers as a beginning of a new era as the company looks to expand the capabilities of Xavion in the near future.

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