Apple Even Things Out In New iOS 10 beta 4

Apple will be launching their new iOS 10 this September and they are still trying to fix and improve the iOS before they release it next month.

The new iOS 10 BETA 4 was released this week. Although we do not know the full details about what the new iOS 10 beta 4 will be bringing to the table, we do know that the update will bring in a long list of new emoji.

According to MacRumor, the new iOS 10 Beta 4 update will be coming with 100 new emoji and that they new emoji will be all about gender equality. Emoji’s that previously features men will now come with a female version as well and emoji that features women will also get a male version as well.

The new iOS 10 Beta 4 will probably come with a few fixes and updates as well.

While the iPhone 7 will only come with some update, the new iOS 10 will be coming with a ton of new features.

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